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Pendlerland – A personalized view on Swiss commuting patterns

May 2017

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For some, Switzerland is one big city with high-speed trains and highways functioning as tram and bus lines – people commute from Bern to Zurich like they would from a district to another. Indeed, Switzerland has some of the highest commuter rates in the world, and there’s a plethora of statistics available.

At SRF Data, we took these data sets and tried to find a personal approach to it, besides just reporting numbers with charts. We came up with an interactive and adaptive article that changes its content and layout based on what the reader would fill in as his commuting journey.

Based on this, the reader is presented with a fully personalized view on the topic of commuting.

I did not only preprocess and analyze the raw data with R, I also came up with some pretty neat GIF graphics that add some eye candy to the article.

These are basically a sequence of ggplot’s `geom_point`  graphics.

My colleagues from  translated the article into Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese.


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